Zendesk Explore (Reporting) - Chart type: Table | Request to have the option to make the table appears with fully vertical and horizontal line

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  • Dave Dyson
    Thanks for this feedback, Emira!
  • Ruth PCL

    +1 Grid lines for all cells are a must to make the reports readable! Please give us the option to choose where grid lines should be visible. 

  • DG

    This is a very basic, standard need when reading a chart. I am confused why it is not available, or even the standard set up for a chart, in Zendesk. In theory, you could almost get around this with the alternative row colors option, but for some reason that feature does not include the first column?

    We switched to Zendesk in large part because of the easy to use metrics GUI. When basic features like this are not available, we will have to resort back to exporting the data and then using Microsoft Excel instead to make our charts and graphs, which is what we were hoping to avoid after moving to Zendesk. 

    Is there a reasoning behind why Zendesk is choosing to leave the lines out? I get there is a general theory in Design practice that less is more with the goal of making charts and tables less ugly. However, for reporting practices we are more interested in readability and practicality. Would love an option to leave the decision of adding or removing lines up to the agent creating the report. 


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