How do I add tags, light agent, or custom fields as a column in a View?


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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Jason -
    There's information on creating Views here: Creating views to manage ticket workflow
    You can add columns for most custom ticket field types (Text, Dropdown, Checkboxes, and others), although it's not possible to add Tags as a column.
  • Nina Berti

    How is this still not available? Tags are a default field of ZenDesk's own forms, and you're blocking its display in Views?

    . Please advise when this will be implemented into views. 

  • Tarandeep Gohlar

    I can understand the reason for not allowing a tags column. Which tags would you display if there are multiple tags, how many tags should be displayed in the column etc.

    We also have this requirement rather than working across multiple views.

    We want to be able to have a column display tags e.g. VIP tag so that the view can be ordered by this too. That way we don't have to have a separate view just for VIP tickets which means agents don't have to juggle multiple views.


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