Agent Productivity - Solved, Pending and On Hold

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  • Pedro Rodrigues
    Community Moderator

    Hi Bilan Jenkins, you can create a standard calculated metric in Explore to see this (under the Updates history dataset), but just to clarify: do you want to consider agent updates when the ticket status was Pending/Hold/Solved, or only agent status updates (i.e. when they changed the ticket status to Pending/Hold/Solved)?

  • Tres Moore

    Pedro Rodrigues I'd like to do the same as the original poster but don't understand your question. 

    How would I go about reporting on all updates by agent who either updated a ticket to pending, solved, or on hold? 

    My end goal is to produce one metric for:  total tickets created - tickets updated to pending, solved, or on hold by date the ticket was created 


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