Hiding a Form From All Users Except Member of an Organization

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    John DiGregorio

    Have you inserted the script in your document.head ?


  • John DiGregorio

    Thanks I will give this a try later today


  • Noelle Cheng

    Hi I'm confused. This isn't working for me either and mtrl.bike's explanation is not clear for me. Where do we put Kay's code?


    I used Ruddy DEROSIERS code. This is what I have now. Can someone help?? :( 

    This is the current version I'm on.


    For each section (in BOLD) I put the following:

    SCRIPT.JS section

      //Hide Form
      var i = 0;
         var checkExist = setInterval(function() {
         if ($("a.nesty-input").length){
         $("a.nesty-input").each(function() {
         $(this).bind( "click", function() {
         for (var c in HelpCenter.user.organizations) {
         if (HelpCenter.user.organizations[c].name ==="Main Company"){

    else {


         //reserve space for additional organizations 
         if (i > 10){
         }, 100);



    <script src="https://code.jquery.com/jquery-3.6.0.slim.min.js" integrity="sha256-u7e5khyithlIdTpu22PHhENmPcRdFiHRjhAuHcs05RI=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>


    STYLE.CSS section

    @keyframs animSlideTop {
      0% { -webkit-transform:translate3d(0,-100%,0); transform: translate3d(0,-100%,0); }
      100% { -webkit-transform:translate3d(0,0,0); transform: translate3d(0,0,0); }

          display: none;



    Is @keyframes supposed to be in the Style.css? I tried it both ways, with and without. Either way the form still shows for people outside of the organization "Main Company".


  • Brittany Mandel

    So I've implemented this and it works great for signed-in users. With that said, if the user is not signed in - the form isn't hidden. Any answers on how I can prevent anonymous users from seeing the particular form too?

  • Damon Maranya

    We just don't allow user that are not signed in to submit tickets. Do you need users that are not logged in to be able to submit tickets?

  • Damon Maranya

    I never told you to do anything. I told you what we are doing, and I asked if there was a reason that you needed anonymous users to submit a ticket.

    So, I'm not really sure what you mean by "You're incorrect...". There isn't anything to be correct or incorrect about in my reply.


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