How can I track Agent Work Time in Explore?


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  • Jack Gordon

    Are you able to give more details please?


    Are you looking to see how many hours a day they are working or how active they are within each hour or how much of their day is spent working? 

  • Steve Morrell

    Hi Jack,

    I have always used requester wait time as a metric for the agents. This shows the time that a ticket is in new, open, and on-hold. However, my team often pass tickets to other teams, such as development or product management, in which case the ticket is put on-hold. This time is now the responsibility of another team, so not a fair reflection on the agent.

    I realised recently that there is another metric, in the SLA panels, called Agent Work Time. This only tracks new and open, so only the areas that the agent owns. This strikes me as a better metric for my team, or at least one that can be alongside the RWT.

    Problem is, I can't see this in Explore anywhere, and can't add it to a report. I'm wondering how to do this.



  • Dane
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Steve,
    In order for Agent Work time to appear in your SLA metric you'll need to set it up first on your SLA policy

    Once you have tickets on which this SLA target has been applied, you can create a report similar to the one below.


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