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  • Konstantin

    Olivia Improta,

    If you could, please elaborate on what you are looking for. I ask, as there may be ways to do this without having to wait for the Jira sidebar app to be updated to include this functionality.

    To clarify, my company uses custom Fields that have the various Jira details (along with the Jira sidebar app), and because custom Fields can be updated in a bulk option, this may be something to assist you. In order to sync your Fields, you will want to utilize the Field-Mapping option (in Jira), which you can read about at https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408821582362-Configuring-a-Jira-Cloud-webhook-for-field-syncing . Once you have created your Webhook in Jira and have your custom Fields (Zendesk) in place, you will then want to go through the steps documented at https://support.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/4408825394458-Using-the-Jira-field-syncing-feature .


  • Olivia Improta

    Hi Konstantin

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is what we'd like to achieve:

    • Tickets reporting the same issue are manually linked to a Jira item thanks to the integration between Zendesk and Jira that we already set up
    • It will also be good to be able to select multiple tickets from a view and use the bulk function to link all of them together to the same Jira item - this is to speed up the process of linking cases to Jira, especially as sometimes we open a Jira later on and we need to go back and attach it to each ticket one by one.
    • What will be ideal for us is to simply have a field where we can input the Jira number as we're now doing with the app integration (screenshot below). We don't need any other syncing at the moment, although it looks interesting!

    Hope the above is clear, do you think it could still be possible with what you suggested? I will have a better look at the documentation you linked! Thanks a lot!


  • Konstantin

    Olivia Improta,

    Unfortunately, the capability of bulk editing tickets to be assigned to the same Jira issue is not possible within Zendesk (natively) via the sidebar app. It would be nice if bulk editing of tickets did allow for any of the sidebar apps to be included, for similar situations.

    With this being said, it is possible to write some logic into a 3rd party tool (like Power Automate or Workato), where you:

    • Update your Custom "Jira" Field
    • Have a Zendesk Trigger that pushes details to the 3rd party, based on the Custom Field being updated (i.e. if changed from blank, send X to 3rd party)
    • 3rd party connects to Jira to update Jira issues
    • ...vice-versa (i.e. Webhook in Jira (with conditions) that post to 3rd party, which updates Zendesk tickets)

    This would then allow you to bulk edit the Custom Jira Field, and the Trigger would then cause Jira to be updated as needed; The Custom Field would also allow for better reporting against tickets related to Jira Issues/Epics.

    My company currently does something similar, but not necessarily for bulk editing purposes, but more for syncing data that doesn't sync natively via the App/Integration (like Subject, Requester, Jira Comments (from the "Comments" tab vs the "Zendesk Support" tab), etc.).




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