Can I use Webhooks to send data from a Zendesk support ticket to a Google Sheet and then using that data in a lookup, return results to the Zendesk ticket as an internal note?


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  • Ahmed Zaid

    Hi Martin Cubitt,

    That's an interesting use case. The short answer is no I'm afraid. You can use webhooks to send data to google sheets for sure, but webhooks are a one way utility. An application is needed to parse the response.

    There are a few options to go about it with varying levels of complexity. One possible solution is using an external automation platform. It is also possible to build the same automation using Zendesk integration Services, although it has no graphical user interface.

    Another way would be to store the data directly in Zendesk with a possible custom app to make bulk monitoring and modification easier. This could make things much simpler by eliminating the need for google sheets altogether. A solution architect can help you decide on the best approach.

  • Martin Cubitt

    Thank you Ahmed Zaid for your thoughtful response.

    The data needs to site in a Google sheet to facilitate other purposes, 

    The marketplace app I have been looking at will allow the process I have described so I will go down this path.

    Thanks again,



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