Adding CSAT to Agent Signature


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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Michael, I'm not sure that it can be added to the agent signature (so far my testing has been unsuccessful), but you certainly can add the placeholders satisfaction.rating_section or satisfaction.rating_url to your notification triggers so that the customer will see them every time your agents respond: see Zendesk Support placeholders reference for more information on those placeholders, and Triggers resources for information on triggers if you haven't explored those yet.
  • Alix


    Is this feature planned to be enabled in the near future? 

    This is quite important as this is a way to make the CSAT notation more reliable. Today, the fact to send the CSAT within a different email can be confusing for the end users who do not understand we are asking to note the customer support only (and not the whole customer experience).  

    Please let us know. 


  • Dave Dyson
    Hi Alix / Solène -
    There are no plans I'm aware of to add this capability to the agent signature, but as I stated above you could add this to any outgoing email notification triggers, which would have a similar effect in that the customer would see them in every email notification they receive.

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