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  • Lou
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    Reports cannot be scheduled. Dashboards can. You can schedule them daily as Excel exports.

  • John

    I came here for this! We run into this over and over -- it's kind of silly to have to add a report to a dashboard just to schedule a report for delivery at a certain interval. It's basically duplicate effort when you only need the one metric or set of data.

    What's more is that we actually really dislike the way dashboards come in via email when scheduled. When you just want to get the actual report, say a table or graph, IN the email rather than an attachment, it'd be great to just schedule the individual report and get it in the email without more clicks. 

  • mfg

    Lou - definitely get that, that's what is inefficient. I'm not saying there isn't a workaround, just providing feedback.

    Aside from the issue of creating a dashboard to schedule a report, it would instead be great if one of the actions you could take from the individual report page save drop down was to create a schedule. Another piece of software we use allows you to configure filters with relative dates ("last week" "last 90 days") for the recurring schedule without modifying the base report (similar to the bookmark on data filters)


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