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  • Kate

    I agree. We definitely have a need for these items within our org. Also, because these needs are are different from person to person anything implemented in this vein needs to be able to be modified at the agent level. As Sydney said Dark Mode and the variable levels are something agents go looking for but because they are not optimized for Zendesk it creates a bad UX for agents.

  • Stephen

    This is a fantastic post - I think that Zendesk is in desperate need of modernising the accessibility options available on Zendesk.

    Particularly dark mode options and proper text / UI scaling. I personally suffer from poor eyesight and zooming the UI does offer a sufficient solution - as Sydney mentions, this simply causes the UI to become condensed and borderline unusable.

  • Megan Murray

    This is sorely needed, there's so much wasted space on the Zendesk page but zooming out does not work correctly especially if you are on a monitor smaller than ~27." 

    One of the things about dark mode is that the problem I actually have is with contrast, so just having a dark theme doesn't work because there's still not much difference between the colors, especially trying to tell which tab is active.


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