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  • Dave Dyson
    Hi there - interesting question! Here are my two cents:
    1. Liquid markup can be used to insert field values into the text of email notifications, but I don't think that will help you when it comes to side conversations, and in any case I don't think it would be any less of a maintenance hassle than macros are.
    2. I think the same might be true of custom sidebar apps - you could potentially build something to automate some of these processes, but those would also need to be maintained. That said, there are some third-party workflow apps that might be of use, such as FlowEQ and Flowset.
    3. There is an app you can use to hide ticket fields in the agent UI: Hide Ticket Fields
    4. Finally, fwiw in the Agent Workspace, agents can manually adjust the width of the ticket field sidebar, which could potentially make that easier to navigate.
    Hope that's of some help! Perhaps some other community members might have other ideas!

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