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  • CJ Johnson

    I would also deeply like to see this, even though I have a workaround that may help with this scenario. I had this same problem but instead of 30, it was 300 agents, and they needed their role and language indicators all changed frequently and to be reportable in Explore.  My workaround is inelegant for a number of reasons, but you won't have to deal with this fiddly set business every time a user is added to a group, at least.  You will need to make a user field or fields.

       I used checkboxes, because I need some folks to have multiple roles or languages, *and* I needed a clean way to report on this. Now that multi-select fields aren't completely unsupported in Explore, I'm not sure I'd choose this again, because I have like 20 of these checkboxes now and it's not pretty. However, I haven't checked to see if any other field types like multi-select might work better, because I already had this in place and it's been working for years now.  Onto the workaround! 

    When I onboard agents, I use the Bulk Import Users feature. I have set up numerous user field checkboxes like "English Tier 1 Agent". when checked, the profile gets a tag of "english_tier_1". I can toggle the tagging using the checkboxes and TRUE/FALSE, and an import sheet. 

    Why don't I just use tags? Because tags can only be added, not deleted via bulk import. With this method, when 50 agents are promoted to T2, I don't have to open each profile and delete the old tag, I can just upload a CSV with their emails, and the correct checkbox/tag for them now, and the old one set to FALSE. 

    Then, in reporting, I made a set out of these tags for assignee and updater. It lets me then filter a report on only tickets where the assignee was an English Tier 1 Agent. 

    The big problems: 
    - User fields are NOT recorded in the audit log, if someone messes with the checkboxes, you have no way of knowing or investigating. 

    - It's very ugly in the profile to have 20+ checkbox fields that honestly nobody ever needs to actually see. 
    - You cannot report on who had a tag 4 months ago using the updates history dataset like you might think/expect. The Updater Tags attribute only looks at the *current* tags associated with a user. 

    I would *much* rather be able to import sets though, because in addition to the above problem,  I have a ton of fields that are huge with lots of options, and hand-picking the sets for them is both prone to error and a huge pain to update when more options are added later. I would love to be able to import sets and group sets directly into Explore. 


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