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  • Christine
    Zendesk Engineering
    Hi Franca,

    Since Knowledge Base to PDF Zendesk App was developed by a third-party Developer, we do not have control over whether they'd still want to continue to offer the app in Zendesk Marketplace. Currently, it looks like they have removed it. You may reach out to the app developer directly at support@kolibridigital.com.

    These are other options for you that might help:
  • Franca Meggiolaro

    Dear Christine,

    thank you for your prompt and detailed answer.

    I'll follow your instructions.

    Kind regards,


  • Franca Meggiolaro

    Hi Christine,

    actually the main purpose to download the articles is to forward them to the translators.

    The best would be to provide the translators with a html cleaned version and to get a translated html version to upload in Zendesk.

    Do you have any recommendation to get this result? Or does anyone have?




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