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  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hi SGL,

    The screenshots need to be in a .png format to be processed correctly. It looks like the first image you have is a .png, but the following are .jpgs. If you change the format of the other two images, that should fix the error. Here's a link to the docs which go in to more detail:

    I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any questions.


  • Eric Shen

    Also, per the instructions Tipene linked, the filenames should be as follows:




  • SGL

    Thanks Tipene Hughes

    I've managed to submit the app now. I accidentally started the screenshot names with -1 rather than -0 (as kindly advised by Eric Shen). Hope this is not an issue.

    The app submission seems to have called itself "Zen Tunes". Is this something I've accidentally left in, or do submissions get code words assigned for their name? I can't seem to edit this.

  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    The “Zen Tunes” name you’re seeing is likely being pulled from the en.json file within the translation directory of your app, and/or the manifest.json file. You'll need to update the values in these files for it to display as you intend it. You’ll also want to update the screenshot file names to the format Eric outlined above, otherwise you’ll find that some images will be ignored.

    Once you’ve done that, you can resubmit the app following the steps outlined here.


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