Improve Ticket & Customer Merge Functionality

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  • Andy Seaman

    I agree with the comments above. I have spent many hours having to manually create tickets off the back of an error'd merge and this process is tiresome. A solution to undo would be a great one to explore too.

    I also agree, we would only be able to see tickets from the same requester, not outside. Or at least a prompt to say you are about to merge 2 requester tickets together.

  • Attractive.Media

    Thanks, Andy. It does seem like many people have been wishing for these features for quite a long time. Now, I'm new here...but I always held the name Zendesk in high regard. Their software is indeed quite nice and expandable, but it's these seemingly "hard pass" issues like...

    • No Support Ticket Merge Undo (321 Mega Privacy Concern!)
    • Clunky Support Ticket Merge (Why Pick These Tickets?)
    • Clunky Support Interface Navigation (What's a Back Button?)
    • No Deleting Ticket Comments. Ever. (Public/Private - Whose Data Is It?)

    ...that unfortunately overshadow for me many of the great features it boasts like Macros, Triggers, and Automations. Who knows. Maybe 2023 is the year they truly put these issues out to pasture.

  • Alex Chan

    Adding the rich text editor to merge comments would also be helpful.


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