Agent Workspace - Thread Direction

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  • Darren Bell

    In Zendesk's defence the message direction is the same as in Whatsapp/text/imessaging/FB messenger and you read/write on paper from top to bottom, writing new sentences at the bottom. 

    However the agent workspace does not yet appear to be the polished, end product it should be (from a company like Zendesk) before the company starts to force it upon users. Certainly I am not seeing any ongoing improvements to to give me the confidence and comfort it will get any better going forwards. It feels like they gave it to a bunch of trainees to design.

    That said your point on the merging of tickets does sound like a problem. I have just tried it on our sandbox and appears to work ok.

  • Dave Pfeiffer

    Valid point with the other messaging platforms Darren. Thank you for bringing this to memory. 

  • Jennifer Kirtley

    I agree 100%.  It is now very difficult to find the latest response in an ongoing email thread if previous replies are still included.  You have to scroll to the bottom then back up to (hopefully) find the newest reply.  This is extraordinarily inconvenient and I'm worried that a missed reply will negatively impact my ability to service my clients.  Please allow us to flip the thread direction back to the top! 


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