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  • Ashley Smyth

    you can set views for users in the admin dashboard under views tab name sure your agents are in groups then then add the group to the view

  • Spencer Hutton

    Hi, and thanks for the reply.  I may not have been clear in my initial comment, I will revise.  I am looking to make changes to personal views which my agents have created themselves.

  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hi Spencer Hutton

    I would first recommend discussing this directly with your agents so that they are aware of the changes as they would not expect personal views to be managed. I would also recommend going through the steps to change personal views with them and communicating throughout the whole process.

    There is actually no supported way to do so. However, if you are an admin, you can enable and use an API token with your agent credentials. You should be able to edit personal views and macros of the agent whose email you use as a username.

    Note that the audit log will show the agent as the actor for those changes. So, your security team is unlikely to be happy with this undocumented impersonation. But then again, they shouldn't be happy with using API tokens in the first place.

    Hope that helps.

  • Shmuel Holzman
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    Adding to what Ahmed Zaid wrote, if you are looking to make a change to a small number of agents' personal views and are ok with 'impersonating' them, you can also assume their profile and making changes in their place. 

    You can do that here:

    But like Ahmed wrote, doing this is likely to make your security team, as well as your agents, unhappy so I recommend caution and lots of communication beforehand. 

  • Spencer Hutton

    Thanks for the replies!  The change would definitely be communicated.  My involvement would be more for consistency.  We have a small team.  Realizing now that in the time I have researched, I could have just sat down with each agent and made the change with them.


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