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  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hello KROB,

    Some of what you want to measure may be available from the Tickets Updates history dataset. An example is assignment time. Every time the ticket is reassigned, an update is recorded with timestamp, a the field name "assignee_id" is changed, and its old and new values are stored.

    I hope that points you in the right direction at least.

  • KROB

    Yes, we are using the Ticket Updates history dataset for now, but it would be more helpful to have all of the details we want on a single, accurate, report. Right now we can't trust that the data is correct in the messaging dataset, so it's not useful for us.

  • KROB

    I just wanted to post another update here. We're still having problems with this. The ticket updates history dataset doesn't tell us the number of messages sent or tickets actually worked, so if an agent does anything, such as triage the ticket, it is essentially giving them credit like they worked it. This does not work for our metrics and how we calculate productivity. We need to know how many tickets they actually sent messages on to track productivity. This isn't available in the messaging dataset either, since that's based on current assignee, which may not be the agent who messaged the customer on that ticket, or multiple agents may have messaged the customer over a span of multiple days. We want to make sure the proper agents are getting credit on their productivity metrics.

    We either need to have a metric in messaging that tells us how many tickets an agent sent messages on, or something in ticket updates dataset that can tell us that information. We have a metric that tells us how many public comments they did as a D count, this is what I'm asking for on messaging tickets. I'm sure other Zendesk customers would find this helpful.

  • Elaine
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hi Kelly,

    It appears that the current messaging dataset attribute for assignees doesn't provide the necessary accuracy for your productivity calculations, especially when tickets are reassigned to different agents or groups during their lifecycle. This can lead to incorrect attribution of credit to agents. To address this issue and obtain more precise data, you would like to incorporate specific message-related statistics such as average assignment time, resolution time, and reply time. Additionally, you aim to ensure that the report is based on the updater (the agent who last interacted with the ticket) rather than the initial assignee. 

    The messaging dataset is in its early stages, and we acknowledge your feedback. We are committed to continuous improvement, and we hope to release enhancements to this feature in the near future. Thank you for your input, and we look forward to delivering an even better experience.

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