Multiple instances of Jira with single Zendesk account


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  • Audrey Ann Cipriano
    Zendesk Customer Care

    Hi Gaganreet Singh 

    The Jira integration only supports 1:1 linking between one Zendesk account and one Jira account. Due to this, it’s not possible to link multiple Zendesk accounts to a single Jira instance at the moment. Sorry for this! 

    I do see a similar product feature request here: Link multiple JIRA instances
    I recommend adding a comment here along with your use case as these comments are reviewed by our product managers :) Thanks!

  • Konstantin

    Gaganreet Singh,

    As Audrey stated above, there is no way to do this via the sidebar app, but it is possible via middle-ware (like MS Power Automate, Workato, Zapier, etc.).

    The downside to using middle-ware, you have to know JQL and JSON in order to properly write your recipes for connecting the systems and their field data, and Jira doesn't send every message in the same format (i.e. each API message type sent from Jira has its own unique format). The other downside, there is no button option for auto-creating issues (from Zendesk) in each Jira instance.

    For the button matter (if you decide to go with middle-ware), you could write Triggers that kick off a Webhook request to your middle-ware to auto-generate issues in your various Jira instances, based around specific fields, tags, and any other custom value you configure to assist with identifying the proper Jira instance to send to. If this is something you are looking to explore further, you will want to decide the middle-ware you are going to use, then look through their documentation on how to connect between Zendesk and Jira. From there, you should be able to determine the best way to configure your tickets and Triggers to properly send to the correct Jira instance (and vice-versa, if using more than one Zendesk instance).





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