Request: Allow support addresses to create a ticket via email.

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  • Konstantin

    Stan Neumann,

    See comments in the "Why can you not CC a support address or use in side conversations?" article.

    Basically, you will need to add your email addresses as End Users within your Organization. To clarify, you will need to add your company (if it doesn't already exist) as an Organization, then add the emails as users of the Organization. From there, manually verify the email addresses and you should no longer see those go into the Suspended Tickets queue.


  • Stan Neumann

    I'm not entirely clear what you mean by "add the emails as users" - which emails are you referring to?  (The accounts of our members, or the support account?)

    My company was already an organization, and all of the people in the organization were already listed as users.  However, our primary support address is not listed in the organization (is that the email you were referring to?) and if I try to add it, I'm told I can't because it is a support address.

    I'm actually wondering if we're looking at different problems - the thread you point talks about cc a support address (I assume as a CC reply on an existing ticket), but my problem happens earlier - If I cc the main support address ( from the very original email in the email system before the ticket is ever created, a ticket is created but suspended.


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