Expanded Web Channel Reporting: web form, web widget, other separation

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  • Viktor Osetrov
    Zendesk Customer Care
    Hello Krista,

    Thanks a lot for your request. If I understood correctly, you are talking about this:
    Ticket channel Displayed in Explore as Description

    Web form

    Web Widget


    Tickets originating from a Support web form, the Support agent interface (created by an agent), or the Web Widget.

    For the Ticket channel attribute in the Support datasets, follow-up tickets are also shown in this channel regardless of how they are created. (The Update channel attribute in the Updates history dataset can return a value of Closed ticket.)

    Unfortunately, we have product limitations there at this moment. Because we are using the same data type id for Explore report:
    via id via type Description Ticket created by
    0 web_form Web form web

    As a technical alternative, we can recommend Enabling Google Analytics for your help center and Setting up and using Google Analytics for the Web Widget (Classic). From the GA4 side please focus on the audience behavior overview there. That helps you explicit web channels properly depending on different filters. 


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