Identifying a VIP Organization On The Ticket


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  • Stephan Marzi
    Zendesk Luminary

    In case some specialists are foreseen you can create a group handling VIP's only. Every single organisation can be scheduled to a special group and automatically routed. A tag VIP would be useful as well. As a result the ticket should BE visible in a special VIP view.

  • Stephan Marzi
    Zendesk Luminary

    A subject line can be also amended by triggers. A custom app showing details from a third party system would also be of great HELP. In case you need contact details, please let me know.

  • Douglas R.
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    Fala meu camarada, beleza? Pensando aqui o que podemos fazer para melhorar....

    o Stephan Marzi já trouxe um inside, se os seus clientes são VIP´s eles já devem estar em um grupo especial, o que podemos fazer é criar uma notificação no Slack (se você utilizar). Você também já trouxe a melhor proposta, alteração no nome assunto do cliente, pode definir algo por meio de gatilho.


    Speak my friend, okay? Thinking about what we can do to improve....

    @Stephan Marzi has already provided an insider, if your customers are VIPs they must already be in a special group, what we can do is create a notification on Slack (if you use it). You've also brought the best proposal, changed the client's subject name, you can define something using a trigger.

  • Brandon Tidd
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    Hey MineralTree | Support

    I hear you on the flashing letters and sirens (and don't get me started on smart device automations triggered by email notifications).

    One thing to note, the Ticket Title / Subject is often visible to the end-user on ticket updates (Re: {{ticket.title}}), so be careful with modifying that.

    A few tricks agents I've worked with have found helpful:

    • Triggering an internal comment on Ticket creation, there's a great primer here.
    • Adding a ticket field / checkbox that shares the vip_org tag & add it as a view column
    • Increase the priority / urgency / SLA on the ticket based on the org tag presence
    • Adding "*** VIP ORGANIZATION***" to the Org Name Itself
    • Treating *every* customer like they are a VIP - that way you're covered 100% of the time!

    Hope this helps!


  • Ahmed Zaid
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    Hello MineralTree | Support,

    If a pop up is what you are after, a custom app that shows a pop-up notification is possible. It would require a developers familiar with Zendesk application framework, but the effort would be very simple.

    Remember that Zendesk official partners are here to help. You can reach out to any of them including my team at ROCA.

  • Thomas Verschoren

    There's a couple of ways you can approach this:


    My preferred way is working with SLAs to make sure VIP tickets appear higher in the list than regular tickets, while still making sure every ticket hits their respective SLA.

    I do this by creating two SLA policies:

    SLA - default - all tickets

    • first reply time: 4h/8h for urgent/normal
    • next reply time: 8h/8h for urgent/normal

    SLA - VIP - organization is tagged with VIP

    • first reply time: 2h/4h for urgent/normal
    • next reply time: 4h/4h for urgent/normal

    The benefit of using SLA is your agents can still have a single view with active tickets while not neglecting other users.


    When it comes to messaging I would work with SSO and pro-active messaging.
    You can trigger a different intent based on the user logged in, so you know a VIP always gets a proactive message and a different bot experience than another user.
    See a demo here: (menu Contact and Contact VIP).

    Zendesk App

    and finally I would write a simple Zendesk app that looks at the current user and if they contain the tag VIP we show a popup top right.

    I wrote a quick version of the app, available here as a private app. You can find the latest version in the TMP folder.

    (Support article on how to install it can be found here)

    Note that the new Essentials Card in Zendesk can also clearly shows the VIP status of user)

  • Ifra Saqlain
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    @Jay McCormack

    You can put icons in the organization name to make it super noticeable to the agents, no add-ons needed. 








  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
    Zendesk Luminary

    Do note that if you allow customers to login their organization name is visible in the portal.

    And if a customer appears in more than one organization that name will also appear in a dropdown on their request form.

    No idea of your VIP customers appreciate a lot of emojis in front of their name.

    But nevertheless, pretty cool and codeless solution.

  • Steve Lacoss
    Zendesk Luminary

    Another thing you could do to show agents that the account is VIP in addition to the subject line would be to set up your views to reflect whether the VIP field in the organization is checked or not. They can also be set up to be invisible to agents that you do not want handling the more delicate issues.  

  • Hari V
    Zendesk Luminary
    • Set up a trigger in Zendesk to search for specific keywords in tickets.
      a. When these keywords are found, automatically add an internal note to guide the agent.
    • Create a special ticket group for VIP customers.
    • Set up triggers for notifications to other platforms about VIP tickets.
    • If there's a team for VIP issues, use triggers to:
      a. Automatically assign these tickets to the right team.
      b. Move the ticket to the VIP group.
    • Building a zendesk app that shows an in-portal pop-up notification would be another alternative, and I think this is what you are looking for. 
  • Thomas (
    Community Moderator
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    For those interested in building a VIP alert app themselves: I wrote up a full tutorial:



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