Report for requestors who submitted 2 or more tickets

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  • David Stalker

    This is a great question; I've had similar thoughts myself and I'll be interested to see if anyone has any good ideas.

    The only way I was able to get there was to pull a count of all tickets created within a given date range by Requester, then to apply a metric filter to only show Requesters with a count of 2 or more, and then to sort by ticket count in descending order.

    Depending on the date range you're using, that alone could be a huge number of rows so it may not be possible to add the Ticket ID there. If you add Ticket ID and the report won't display, you should be able to export the results and view the whole list in a spreadsheet. Or you could make Ticket ID drillable, then you could click into the Ticket Count for each Requester to get a list of their Ticket IDs.

    Hope that's useful and, again, interested to see if anyone else has other ideas! 


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