Integrating Voicebot Data into Automatic Zendesk Tickets

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  • Tipene Hughes
    Zendesk Developer Advocacy

    Hey Michael, 

    Can you share your workflow in a bit more detail. I'm specifically interested in the Zendesk APIs you're using and how they fit in your current usage.



  • Sandra Martínez

    Hi Tipene, 

    1. Customer Call:

      • Customers initiate contact by calling the client's line.
    2. Voicebot Processing:

      • The voicebot takes over the call and collects essential customer information, including name, phone number, issue, etc...
    3. Live Operator Transfer:

      • If necessary, the customer is transferred to a live operator for further assistance.
    4. Zendesk API Call - Ticket Creation:

    5. Ticket Contents:

      • The new ticket is populated with all the relevant data collected during the voicebot interaction. This includes customer details and a GPT summarization of the call.
    6. Customer Transfer to Zendesk:

      • The customer is seamlessly transferred to Zendesk for further assistance.
    7. Challenge - Associating Tickets:

      • An issue arises when a new ticket is created at the moment of transfer, potentially leading to a disconnect between the automatically generated ticket and the one created by our voicebot.
    8. Objective - Ticket Connection:

      • The goal is to establish a seamless connection between the ticket created during the voicebot interaction and the new ticket generated when the customer is transferred to Zendesk.
    9. Operator Visibility:

      • When the live operator answers the call, they should have access to the original ticket created by the voicebot. This enables them to understand the context of the customer's issue and respond more effectively.
    10. Enhancement Implementation:

      • To address this challenge, ongoing efforts are focused on enhancing the workflow to ensure that operators can easily access the relevant information from the initial voicebot interaction.

    In summary, the workflow involves a combination of voicebot processing and Zendesk API calls to create tickets. The primary objective is to seamlessly connect these tickets to provide a cohesive customer support experience, enabling operators to access comprehensive information when interacting with customers. Ongoing efforts are directed towards refining this integration for optimal efficiency.

    Looking forward to your answer! 



  • Sandra Martínez

    Any updates, please? 


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