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  • Knowledge Capture - Edit Article

    Currently, in order to edit an article you have to navigate to the help center. It would be ideal if the Knowledge Capture app included an edit button, so that edit actions are tracked as part of K...

  • Online Agents - Department Filter


    We have multiple departments/offices. When viewing online agents, "View all" is not helpful for managing coverage, since it's not easy to tell at a glance how many agents are in x department. Clic...

  • Add custom role permission for managing agents

    We are finding that we have many more Administrators than we'd like, due to the fact that there are no role permissions for managing agents (e.g. adjusting agent status from the Talk dashboard). Th...

  • Allow managers to update Talk status while agent is on call


    If an agent is on a call towards the end of a shift, managers would like to be able to change their status to Unavailable in the Talk dashboard. This would ensure that the agent doesn't get stuck o...