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    DOMINGO GONZALEZ a ajouté un commentaire,

    Thank you for the comment, Noly. That manually refresh button is not working correctly because when I click on it, the counters "update," but if in a view called "View A" it shows 0 tickets, when I...

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    DOMINGO GONZALEZ a créé une publication,

    Bad view ticket counter

    Hello, I want to share my issue with you: I have created some views, and when I load the views page, each view's name is displayed in the views menu along with a ticket counter indicating the numbe...

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    DOMINGO GONZALEZ a créé une publication,

    I cannot preview the Description field when creating a new ticket.

    The field doesn't appears and the form show this error: Please provide a ticket description. And textarea called Public response appears. ¿Where is Description field? On settings all parameters...