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  • two independent Y axis

    Hei, I searched but could not find an answer (or I was not good at searching).Here I have a chart where I wish to compare the average first reply time Vs the number of tickets received.   The issu...

  • Auto-reply trigger for Whatsapp 24h rule

    Hei, I tried to create a basic trigger but I feel I am missing something and I could not solve it by reading the other questions in the community... at least, I could not get to a solution. My talk...

  • Logic behind the priority field


    Hi, I'm learning to use Zendesk and I totally fail to get the logic behind the priority field. From searching in the support, it seems no one got stuck like me on this point.   If I am correct, the...

  • Manually assigned tickets do not get assigned


    Hi! Second day of Zendesk here.I have looked for answers but could not find anything similar.   When I see a new ticket unassigned in the dashboard (or from views > unassigned tickets), I open them...