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  • Easily link to a Community Post

    Good morning!  I love how easy it is to link to an article when creating a new article in the Guide. Everyone on our team that writes KB articles finds this useful. As the Community Manager, I freq...

  • Managing Suspended User


    Hi Zendesk Community,  We are doing a major cleanup of our support setup. Right now we are tackling roles and groups for our agents.  How do other companies handle agents that have left? Do you cha...

  • Suggestions on organizing macros

    Hi Zendesk Community,  We are looking to clean up our macros and better organize them but have differing thoughts on how to accomplish this. Many of our macros were created to assist the agent in c...

  • Using Organization Fields as Placeholders


    Hello!  We currently have a small handful of organization fields set up on each of our orgs in Zendesk. One of those org fields is Account Manager. When we land a new customer we set up their org i...

  • Inactivate Organizations

    I am sure that this has been asked by other Zendesk users, but I could not find any suggestions regarding it. We would really like the ability to inactivate organizations. While we would love for o...

  • Can I export all posts in a community topic?


    I am pretty sure the answer is no but thought I would ask the community before I just give up. We have recently changed our process for product suggestions and now use ProductBoard to enter and man...

  • Is it possible to put the KB categories on a new page?


    We are looking to simplify our main screen in our Help Center. Ideally we would like to have a couple of buttons on the "landing page" that redirect you to other parts of the Help Center. One butto...