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  • Request to have Unlisted articles in the Help Center

    It would be very helpful to have the option to publish articles as unlisted. We constantly send emails with links to articles to users, but we don't necessarily want all users to see this article i...

  • Content cues best practices

    Hi community! I would like to hear about how you use content cues on your end? do you have any best practices or tips to share? After you have checked your cues, how does the process look for you? ...

  • See ticket count per Help Center section


    Hello community! I wonder if there's a way to see a report on how many tickets are submitted by users depending on the category/section/article in the Help Center. Any tips? TIA

  • How to handle big changes in your Help Center content.

    Hello Community.   Soon we are going to be making big changes to our platform and the way some processes work, which will also affect the content we have on the Help Center. I was wondering in some...

  • Internal Help Center

    Hello!, We are starting to create internal articles for agents to use as guides. In some cases, we would like to have video guides as it is easier to explain certain processes. The problem I'm havi...

  • Create dynamic content in bulk


    Hi! I need to create dynamic content for all the forms in the help center but it is too time-consuming. I was wondering if you have found ways to create all the dynamic content in an efficient and ...

  • Handling translations


    Hello Community, I wanted to ask you how you handle your Help Center translations if you have them. Currently, we are using a tool to pull, translate and push content back to Zendesk, but lately, i...

  • End users log in


    Hello! I was wondering how you manage your end users' login to your help centers and having a central place where they can have an overview of the tickets they submit. I appreciate any input, thanks.

  • Allowing unsafe html

    Hello, we would like to purchase a theme for our Zendesk guide, however, it looks like to use some of the formatting elements from the theme, we would need to allow unsafe HTML. Reading through the...

  • Testing answer bot

    Hello!  I'm wondering how do you test a bot flow on messaging before setting it live and available for users? I've tried testing on the sandbox but I can't use Guide on the Sandbox so what I can te...