Toby Metcalf

Boston based Community Manager - I enjoy talking shop with other CMs and making it easy for customers to find the knowledge they are seeking. Looking forward to connecting with you. On Twitter, I am @Toby_Metcalf

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  • Community Analytics and Reporting Tips Please

    Greetings Zendesk Community,  I am pretty new to Zendesk and am using the Community tab under Reporting to learn more about my community traffic and activity.  Is there another way to pull more dat...

  • Badges on community member profiles


    Good day everyone, In past communities, I was able to add a badge or badges to a member's profile so members with different skills could be identified easily within.  Is it possible to upload a bad...

  • Replying to a user within a thread


    Good day everyone, A bit of a newbie (possibly an enhancement) question: I understand we cannot @ mention members, but hear that is coming :-) - is it possible to reply to a particular member withi...