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  • Quick Call Function picks randomly numbers for Outbound call

    Hi,   this is a bug, that is really a pain for us.  We are serving multiple countries with Zendesk Talk in one Zendesk Instance, having around 50 numbers now. I'm especially referring to this state...

  • Admin Center Access for non admin Users


    Hi,   today we experienced that for Agents, that have not the "Administrator" role, but "Can manage Guide" activated in their role can access the Zendesk Admin Center and do changes here.   From a ...

  • Calculate Call Answer Rate


    Hi,    I hope someone can help me. I'm currently working on a query to evaluate the "real" call answer rate: I have the following table per country where I can see in the Subtotal the Total amount ...

  • Talk Settings - Sort Numbers

    Hi,   we are currently in the process of moving our hotline activities to Zendesk Talk. Please add a feature to sort the numbers in the settings. Right now, it is not very userfriendly to have the ...