I'm a director of product support for a SaaS company called NinjaRMM; providing a cloud solution for the Managed Services and Endpoint IT industries.

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    Michael a ajouté un commentaire,

    Just as an update - we were using custom forms for this purpose for some time for feature requests.  Ended up signing on with Productboard as we just weren't getting the visibility or the impact th...

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    Michael a ajouté un commentaire,

    Very helpful suggestions, team.  Thank you.  I'm in the process of building out a revised community layout - more similar to how you (zendesk) have yours - product specific, rather than a catch-all...

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    Michael a créé une publication,

    Feature Request Management?

    Does anyone else have a "feature request" section for their community?   If so, how are you managing tracking, responses, etc? Should this be a separate Brand to be managed by the product team? Any...