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  • Why do some posts get marked as spam?

    Hi! Curious if there's simple answer for this. We do NOT have moderation turned on for our instance of Guide/Gather, and we are still on the Legacy version there. On occasion, some posts will get s...

  • Provide a link to auto follow a topic

    Curious if there's a way to provide a link that when clicked on the user would automatically be following a topic, so only one step is needed for the user to follow instead of a click to access, an...

  • Can you restrict access to a user profile to only signed in users?

    Hi! Quick question. We are exploring opening our private community up to be publicly accessible. The current site requires a user to sign in via our product application in order to authenticate the...

  • How can you track active members in community?


    Hi team!I'm curious as to what method you either currently employ or would recommend in order to see both the rough count of active members (in a given date range) and who those active members are....

  • Why do some access restricted topics show a lock icon and others don't

    I have a few restricted access topics using segment permissions. On one of them, it has a lock icon. On the others, it does not. Why do some show the icon and others don't?

  • Ability to add a poll?

    Hi! I'm curious if there's an OOTB way to create a poll in a posting, an embed of some kind or an app integration that would allow this? Looking for other items outside of the thumbs up/thumbs down...

  • Not receiving emails for Topics I'm following in Community


    Hi! Wanted to double check if there's something I'm missing or not, but we are in flight on testing out the Zendesk Community as part of Guide and am looking at what the emails look like when follo...