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  • Can you use Google Fonts in the Guide?


    Our Marketing team uses some Google Fonts on out corporate website and want me to use them in our Support site too. Is it possible within the framework of the customization capabilities?

  • Context-sensitive help

    Hi all, long time no post...   I'm wondering whether there's a way we could use Zendesk to call context-sensitive "help" topics into a panel of our SaaS web app.   The Web Widget looks like it...

  • Can you display just the first paragraph of article?


    I have a customized Help Center home page that displays any currently-promoted articles of a particular section (current issues) over at the right side of the page, if any.  I have the body of the ...

  • Trying to solve a design problem with ZenDesk template

    Hi folks, I'm trying to do something that I'm finding very difficult to pull off in a custom template I'm building (based on the Humble Squid template). I have a list of categories and I want each ...

  • Leaving certain categories out of a list

    I'm attempting to segregate a couple of categories and display them separately. I have a set of categories that apply to product documentation, then I have a couple that are about our support offer...

  • Making major changes to the Help Center

    We've been using our Help Center for a bit over a year now. The folks that ran support have since moved on and the new powers that be wish to change the template and redo the categorization scheme ...

  • Book-like documents in Zendesk


    I'd like to put together some longer-form docs that are more like online user guides, kind of line the Zendesk people do themselves. For example, look at the Core API guide:  https://developer.zend...

  • Notifications on Community posts


    We are about to fire up our Zendesk Help Center Community for the first time. One of the topics is for feature requests. How can we set it up so that whenever someone posts in that topic, our Produ...

  • Detect when someone logs out


    I have created a Help Center home page for our company that is similar to the Zendesk Support page, where there are three icons, and clicking on the one labeled "Knowledge Base" opens up a box belo...