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  • Any plans to add quoting functionality?

    One common community feature that seems to be missing from Gather: ability to quote a comment. Since users are often times replying to a specific comment, are there any plans to add quoting capabil...

  • Is it possible to embed Gather topics on main website?

    Has anyone embedded Gather (or any community tool) into their main website? Often times, community is siloed on a separate space from the main website, but we are hoping to find some examples of co...

  • Anyone know how to report on time spent within a group?

    Hi everyone! I'm getting lackluster suggestions from Zendesk's support team on this question. Does anyone have suggestions on how to report on how long a ticket lives within a specific Group?   For...

  • How to edit drop-down field design?

    Question 1 - How can I edit the line height & font size of a drop-down menu's options (when the drop down menu is expanded) on the request page?   Question 2 - How can I display paragraph text base...

  • Reporting on # of Answered Calls


     I know of two metrics within Insights: - # Inbound Calls - # Accepted Calls   However, I'm finding that the # of Accepted Calls metric is counting transferred calls. So, let's say a customer calls...

  • Curious what other teams use Zendesk Slack integration for

    This is a question to everyone using Slack integrated with Zendesk. What is your use case and how do you use it for your company? Is it for visibility into customer feedback? Notifying teams of tic...

  • Reporting issues (ranking filters)

    I'm trying to create reports that show 'top 15 organizations' and 'bottom 5 organizations' based on how many tickets they created in the last 30 days. When I select 'top 15 organizations by # ticke...

  • Q&A platform


    Hi everyone! Just curious if anyone has used Zendesk in some capacity or if you know if this is even remotely possible/on the roadmap at Zendesk: I'd be interested in placing widgets on our website...

  • Has anyone tried something like Typeform integrating with Zendesk?


    I'm curious if anyone here has integrated something like Typeform with Zendesk support. We have a long form that asks a lot of questions and we want to make it seem shorter and more seamless and Ty...

  • Does anyone schedule calls/chats?

    Hi everyone. I'm curious if anyone here has used something like Calendly to schedule timeslots for calls/chats? Does Zendesk have any integrations in the marketplace for such a service? If you've u...