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  • [COMPLETED] Feature Request: Bulk export of chat transcripts


    Our goal is to get qualitative data from our chat interactions. My request is to make chat transcripts available for export from the history tab.

  • Feature Request: custom status bar


    The ability to add/edit agent status.The "away" status represents break, lunch, project, and meeting. We are looking for more granularity to understand how are agents are spending their time.This i...

  • Mitigate Auto-responder wars


    What strategy do you use to mitigate auto-responder wars within Zendesk? For example, their ticketing system sends us a confirmation and we reply back with a confirmation, and so on... I've attem...

  • Automatically boot agents into offline mode once operating hours have ended

    Hey Ramin and team, This feature request is to address the agents who leave for the day, but remain signed into their machines. Once operating hours have resumed, the agents who never signed out wi...

  • Greater Detail with history of events


      Request for increased functionality of the latest website activity found on the right side of the home tab. Timestamps Clickable links to chat interaction Clickable links to visitor profile Cus...

  • Hide tags


    Tags on every chat session take up an entire line, which effectively doubles the amount of real estate on the screen.   It's not dire, but a nice to have. Hide tags in active chat sessions. Zendesk...

  • Permission lock shortcuts


    Exactly as the title suggests. I would like to see access to the Shortcuts Settings locked down to admins.