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    May I know how to remove the ticket view??? I just cant click the rubbish bin icon. And I encounter the same problem again. I can create ticket from salesforce to Zendesk. But in the zendesk ticket support in Salesforce, it always shows 'no ticket in the list'. What should I do? Thank you.





    At first, I created an new connected application for salesforce, called ZendeskAPI. However, after I set up everything, the zendesk ticket support cannot show any tickets in salesforce, it keeps showing "no tickets in the list". So, I deleted the app and then create a new one again. However, after I delete the app ZendeskAPI, the pages in Salesforce keeps showing a message "Canvas-ZendeskAPI, cant be found, etc". What should I do?


  • Brett Bowser
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey ソンイン ヨ,

    Can you confirm you're using the correct subdomain in the Callback and Canvas URL fields? I'd also recommend taking a look at the following article as it could help resolve the issue: Why do I receive the “redirect_uri_mismatch” error upon connecting the integration?

    Let me know if the integration still isn't working on your end.




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