Add Today's Date to Dashboard Headline Text

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  • Angel Altura

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for reaching us! 

    Though it is possible to have a Headline with the Dashboard name, it turns out,  we do not have a direct feature that will have a Headline for the current date. However, we have a custom tool that allows you to add dates as well as decorative text and other things. 

    So to add a Headline with the Dashboard name on it, you can click Text > Headline, then edit input the name of your dashboard.

    Then to add the current date on the dashboard as part of the Headline, you go to this link to find the tool:

    On this page, just select the "Date" checkbox (you can also choose a font style if you wish) and get the embed code for the date. 

    Also in this page, you can insert dynamic dates which always show the current date by adding DATE( ) inside the text field. The following codes inside the ( ) will be replaced:

    • dd - the day of the month
    • mm - the current month (numeric)
    • yyyy - the current year
    • day - the day of the week
    • month - the current month (name)

    You can also change the date to display (add or subtract days) to show, for example, include a [1] for tomorrow's date or [-1] for yesterday's.
    The reference date is always equal to the local date of the person viewing the page.
    Some examples:

    • DATE(mm/dd/yyyy) - 1/1/2013
    • DATE(month dd, yyyy) - January 1, 2013
    • Happy DATE(day) - Happy Monday
    • DATE(day[1]) - Tuesday
    • DATE(day[-2]) - Saturday

    Then, you can add this embed code as Web Content on your dashboard. You will be able to move the box around as with any other dashboard object.

    Hope this helps. But if you have any other concerns, please feel free to let us know and we will be happy to assist you.

  • Sue Enright


    This is great. However, I need to have the previous month on my dashboard so the team can see which month it applies to. This doesn't seem to work with month, only day.  Is there a way around that? 


  • Wendell Joost

    This article is out of date; please revise for the Explore product as it no longer supports "Web Content" on a Dashboard.

  • Nicole S. - Community Manager
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Wendell - 

    This isn't an article, it's a community post, so it's up to the user who posted it to edit. Hopefully @... can come back and give it an update! :) 

  • Wendell Joost

    Given that Angel Altura hasn't logged any activity since April, I'm thinking that's it's unlikely that they'll be giving us an update.

    Would someone from ZenDesk care to weigh in and update this article?


  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    So this is a bit of fun.

    • Create a new query
    • Add a new custom calculated attribute 'today's date' defined as:

    • Metrics use count(Tickets)
    • Rows Ticket ID
    • Today's Date
    • Filter ticket ID and select any one ticket

    You now have a report that returns one row with today's date:

    • Go to Chart Configuration > Columns
    • Make only the today's date Column visible 

    • Go to Chart Configuration> Date display format and select your preferred format

    To give you:

    • You can now add this query to a dashboard and use it like a date widget.
    • Final step, if your dashboards includes filters, you need to exclude this query from the filters




  • Wendell Joost

    I'm afraid that these steps do not repro on my instance of Explore; the "custom calculated attribute 'today's date' " does not contain a "Sort like time attribute" checkbox, even when I expand the browser to full screen.

    I can't tell from your list:

    • Rows Ticket ID
    • Today's Date

    Where I should place Today's Date? The only place my UI allows me to place it is in Metrics, and then it wants me to select an aggregation function:

    Chart Configuration> Date display format - there is no such option for me. Display Format is the closest, and it doesn't offer any options for date display format.


    Are we using the same instance of Explore?

  • Graeme Carmichael
    Community Moderator


    Your screenshot is from a custom metric. Scroll down to add a custom attribute and add it to the rows when defined.  



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