Disable 3rd party cookie requirement globally


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  • Darien
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    We're well into February and our end-users are reporting this issue as of today. Both our company and Zendesk seem very unprofessional at the moment, especially asking users to go through browser setting hoops simply to login to our portal. zendesk zendesk please prioritize this immediately! 

  • Amy Gracer
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    Although we have not seen this issue internally, it is now popping up for our end users and causing confusion and discontent. 

    What are your plan's for addressing?

    Thank you!

  • Devan
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    Hello Amy Gracer,

    I'm going to reach out to our Product Team and work on getting you an update on the current state of this issue. 

    Best regards. 


  • Bruno Cruz
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    Hello team,

    Our engineers are starting to get affected by this and the workaround provided by Yao two months ago is deemed as a security risk internally. Any update on this?

  • Caroline Kello
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    Hey folks,

    I'm Caroline and I'm on the Product team. We do have time set aside on my team's roadmap in the next month to figure out what our long-term solution is, related to these third-party cookie issues and user login issues and of course the security aspect of it. We've experienced issues with Safari in the past that seem to come and go, most likely based on the Apple ITP logic being updated. Most recently the new version of Chrome and the SameSite cookie update was top of mind for us to resolve.

    I understand the frustrations and we are aware of the issues it's causing, both from a user experience standpoint but also from yours and ours reputation.

    I'll be back in this thread when I've more updates to share and thank you for the patience in the meantime.

    Cheers, Caroline

  • Matthew Horton
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    Very glad this is being taken seriously and addressed. Our team are currently evaluating a free trial of Zendesk and I just spent ten minutes trying to log-in, hope this gets fixed soon! The product looks great otherwise.



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