Has anyone tried something like Typeform integrating with Zendesk?


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  • Jacob J Christensen
    Community Moderator

    Hi Justin,

    I don't have any experience with Typeform, but your request to make your form shorter made me think of the conditional fields app. If you wan't to use a form from the Help Center, you can have some fields hide until and unless another field value is selected - we use it to make the form seem accomplishable and still have the complexity we want.

    Hope that helps, maybe someone else have Typeform experience.

  • Andrea Saez

    Hey Justin, 

    I've integrated Typeform with Zendesk before through Zapier, that's the best way I found. You can definitely use conditional fields or just send in any additional info within the ticket. We used it to gather feedback for a while, and had it send to a Zendesk ticket so we could keep track of all requests. Initially, all tickets were created as a private comment, so the user wasn't aware until we reached back letting them know we had received their feedback, and follow it up with any questions if necessary.

  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Justin!

    We have an integration with automate.io in our app store, and it looks like they have some Typeform-specific workflows for Zendesk through their service. Might be worth looking into!

  • Philipp Kopp

    Hi there,

    interesting thread. We actually just recently integrated some Typeform Decision Trees in our Help Center which you can review here: 

    1. Maschine Hardware Solution Wizard

    2. Native Access issues

    For those who don't know Native Instruments, please click here...

    We are about to integrate further Decision Trees throughout Q1, 2019. It is a very convenient way of offering tailored solutions for customers, plus you can create specific Zendesk integrations, in case self-help fails. Customers can then create tickets from within the form which already include good information for an agent to start working on. The customer doesn't need to open an extra form and can get help much faster. Really cool :)

    The actual web integration is done through an embed code which you can get access to from within the Typeform admin interface. The Zendesk integration is than done through Zapier. 

    The only thing that I really don't like is that they are not yet offering a way to integrate HyperLinks and sometimes you are missing certain formatting features if you have longer text, but all in all - it's a great tool and it works nicely with Zendesk/Zapier.

    I am looking integrating such Decision Trees with Zendesk Chat. Has anyone experiences with this? Thank you. 

    Best regards from Berlin



    Philipp Kopp
    Head of Product Support 
    Native Instruments GmbH



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