Microsoft VSTS Online as Target in Zendesk (Just like Saleforce Target)

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  • Suresh Kumar

    Microsoft Flow Configuration can be your next option too...

  • Teri Perez

    We need a flow that would allow triggers that are set up in Zendesk to update information in VSTS.  For example, if a ticket in ZD is assigned a “Medium” or “Normal” priority and it’s linked to a VSTS bug item – could we create a trigger in ZD that escalates the priority from Medium or Normal after X amount of days/hours to a higher priority on the ZD ticket.  Once that trigger is ran in ZD, it would also automatically update the priority in VSTS to match.   Does this make sense?

    We would also need the functionality of pushing information from VSTS back to ZD.  For example, if we have an open bug and the status is changed to RELEASED, or FIXED, or CLOSED – we’d want to push information back to the ZD ticket to mark the ticket as SOLVED.  This would need to work with existing ZD triggers that would also push out communication to the end-user that their issue was resolved.  In Zendesk, a PROBLEM type ticket can have child INCIDENT type tickets attached – we’d need the push from VSTS to make sure it closed all child tickets as well.  If you close a PROBLEM ticket in ZD, it automatically solves the child INCIDENT tickets.  Hopefully this all makes sense. 


    If you could direct me to the best channel for support or information on these questions, that would be most helpful.

  • Sara Stephenson

    I don't see an answer to the question Teri Perez posted, but I need the same thing. 


  • Jessie Schutz
    Zendesk team member

    Hi Sara!

    Have you checked out the IntegrateCloud Connector for VSTS in our App Marketplace? To the best of my knowledge that's the only app that exists to connect VSTS and Zendesk.



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