Enhance reply editor in Community support forums

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  • Nicole - Community Manager

    Thanks for the feedback, Jiri!

  • Deepa Daniels

    Hi Jiri,

    Thanks for sharing your needs. Though I totally agree that this would improve the community experience, I want to be transparent and tell you that we currently don't have planned work to increase editor functionality in the Community.

    I will be keeping an eye on this thread for votes and confirming comments. 



  • Claire McGregor

    We would also appreciate more formatting options across Community. The ability to clear formatting, add tables, and resize an image, at the bare minimum, would greatly improve our experience with posts and post replies in the Community.

  • Katie Yoder

    Additional formatting options would also benefit our team.  Especially being able to add inline quotes since agents can't currently reply to specific comments in the community.

  • Vina Rodriguez

    +1 on the ability to crop images in the reply field

  • Jiri Fait

    It'll be also useful to have Reply and mention user  functionality (via @ )

  • Sahar Padash

    +1 here, an HTML editor on community posts/replies would be a great add as well

  • Eugene Morozov

    Mates, for real, the editor is literally impossible to use.
    What point in having WYSIWYG if you can't even put a quote there?
    Right now I have to type my reply in a 3rd party Markdown editor and then copy the rendered result back into the forums input field. The intended use of the product, huh?



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