Turn off automatic account creation for end users?


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  • Ryan W
    Zendesk team member

    Hey Robert,

    While an end-user account is a system requirement for any notification or incoming email, with no way to turn it off, we do allow you to turn off self signup or emails from non users. Check out this guide:

    Permitting only added users to submit tickets

    The key part to turning off the "anyone can submit tickets" is this:

    Despite your Zendesk Support being closed, it is possible for an agent to create a ticket from a support request from an anonymous user. When you receive a support request from an anonymous user, when you've configured Zendesk Support as closed, the request is added to the Suspended Tickets view. From there an agent can either delete the request or recover it. Recovering the ticket creates a new user account and adds the ticket to your Zendesk. For more information, see Viewing, recovering, and deleting suspended tickets in the Zendesk Agent Guide.

    While I know that's not exactly what you were thinking, this should get you most of the way there!


    Hope that helps!



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