Web widget prefilling dropdown filed not working

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  • Erica Wass
    Zendesk Product Manager

    Thanks for writing. I created a ticket so our advocates can assist.

  • David Rupp

    Was this issue ever solved? 

    I also don't know how to prefill the value of a dropdown... I really tried it hard... but effortless... 

    Would be cool to have an answer here, so our tickets will go to the right area.


    Thanks a lot

  • Cody

    Hey David,

    It's expected that you cannot prefill a dropdown field by using the zE.settings object. The dropdown field will always be prefilled by default value set for the ticket field itself. The default value would be set by going to Admin Panel >> Manage >> Ticket Fields and editing the ticket field default value with the checkbox.

    We amended our documentation to reflect this here

    Hope this helps!



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