Insights reporting on ticket comments

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  • Jessie Schutz

    Hey Ian! Sorry for the delayed response!

    I'm not sure that this is possible, but I'll check with some of our Insights experts. Can you give some additional information about what exactly you'd like to report on in your ticket comments?

  • Ian Smith

    Hi Jessie,

    We want to integrate alerts to our operations team (not on Zendesk) for urgent issue needing their attention. 

  • Joel Hellman

    Hi Ian

    Well, you cannot create a report from Insights that contains text from comments. Nor text stored in custom multi-text fields. These are not imported to Insights. But depending on what your use case is, you have other options.

    For example, using a trigger you could send email alerts containing all the comments to your operations team, either ticket by ticket right as the tickets are flagged by your support team or external system, or periodically using an automation and a trigger.

    There might be other approaches too, that would help you achieve what you need. Can you explain a bit more in depth what you want to achieve towards your operation team? Maybe I can suggest some ideas to you. 




  • Ian Smith

    Hi Joel,

    Maybe this can be done using ticket forms? Here is a use case:

    I.) Customer calls reporting  an issue with a bike. 
    II.) We create a ticket logging the details of the call for customer service purposes.
    III.) We also want to pass on specific issues to the operations team so they can get the bike fixed-- without the agent leaving Zendesk

    1. Specific operational information is recorded
    2. Relevant information is automatically email to ops

    Does that makes sense? 




  • Joel Hellman

    Alright that might work to notify the non-zendesk team. But is notifying your operation team only one part of your desired workflow?

    I.e. do you have any thoughts how the operation team would report back to your team on their work progress (e.g. work is completed, order is delayed because spare parts were ordered, etc)? Or is that not necessary in your situation? Maybe your agents are notified or themselves check in regularly on the progress without needing response back from the operations team directly to the Zendesk ticket?

  • Ian Smith

    Right now, we are just looking to inform the ops team of a problem. They have their own CMMS to track these sorts of things.

    How would I go about doing this using forms?

  • Celicia Fiedler

    Our airport management team wants a monthly report based on solved tickets by group with the following columns: group, ticket #, comments, and sentiment.  They'll use the report to review the traveling public's comments, so that they are aware of what the airport is doing well and what it is not doing well.  

    The data is in Zendesk.  Why can't it be used in reporting? 

    I'm disappointment that comments are not imported into insights. 

  • Jim Stratton

    I came here to find out how to do the same thing - include ticket comments in some kind of report.  I'm also disappointed (but somehow not surprised) that there isn't a way to do it.

    Like Celicia Fiedler, I'm looking for an "historical" report, not real time (e.g., via triggers.)

  • Paul Bichsel

    Hi Celicia and Jim,

    You can use the Advanced Search App ( to extract tickets to CSV and when the "description" field is checked, this will give you the first response in the ticket.

  • Nick Dushack

    Hi Celicia and Jim,

    Aside from Paul's option in the previous comment (thanks Paul!), there would be two possible options. The first is to utilize the data export options in your account to export Ticket data: Exporting data to a JSON, CSV, or XML file. Do note that these options are only available to Professional and Enterprise level plans only, and will require a request from the account owner to enable if not already completed. 

    The other is to utilize the API to pull the Ticket comment data. Someone with an understanding in APIs/programming may be able to generate scripts that can pull ticket comment data for a specified range. Both of these options are gone over in detail in the following article: Ticket export options.

    The reason comment data is not present within Insights is due to the amount of stress pulling all of those comments into Insights will cause. You may notice that Insights reporting can be laggy and slow to respond at times. If we were to pull the comment data as well, the performance would make it unusable.

    I hope this helps to clarify your options. Please let us know any other questions you both may have!

  • Clay Telfer

    We're looking for the same thing. The inability to run automatic reports that include the comments (or internal notes) on a ticket is a major pain point for us. I was hoping that ZenDesk Explore would allow us to do this, but as far as I can tell, that's still not an option.

    I would definitely recommend this as a feature to be developed very soon. It's probably our biggest problem with ZenDesk.

  • Digital Business Managers

    Indeed, platforms should have a reporting tool that allows extraction and manipulation of the data within. It is a big headache not able to pull these out of Explore/ GoodData



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