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  • Nicole Saunders
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hey Joshua - 

    I'm going to move your post over to Q&A to see if anyone can offer a suggestion for you. 

  • Dan Cooper
    Community Moderator


    I may have something that works for you.  You can use Dynamic Content to create your own placeholder, and then use Liquid Markup to toggle the signature based on an organization name (or other field as necessary).

    1. In Admin, Under Manage, select Dynamic Content 
    2. Click add item
    3. Name it "VIP Signature"
    4. Select your default language (you can add additional language variants if you need to, but I'll leave that out for this example)
    5. Enter liquid markup using the below example as a guide. 

    {% if == 'VIP' %}
    Joe Somebody
    VIP Support
    {% else %}
    {% endif %}

    Replace VIP with the name of your VIP organization.  Replace Joe Somebody, VIP Support with your VIP signature.  Have your agent update their agent signature with their standard signature. 

    In your Global signature settings under Admin > Agents you can now update your placeholder from {{agent.signature}} to {{dc.vip_signature}} (this placeholder may change depending on what you named your dynamic content).  

    This will use your VIP signature in the event that the Organization name is VIP, and the default signature from an agent's profile if the organization is anything else.  

    You can make a separate Dynamic Content for every agent as needed - or  you can use placeholders to fill out a standard global VIP signature using other placeholders for the agent. 

    Hope this helps! 



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