Triggers for handling weekend assignments


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  • Graeme Carmichael
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    Liquid allows you to change the content of a message, but it is the trigger conditions that determine if a message gets sent. Liquid cannot influence if a specific trigger action is taken.

    So. if you want to perform different actions at different times of the day, schedules and business hours is your only option. 

    From what you are describing, the action to message the general pool does not tie neatly with your business hours. So this can get tricky and you will need multiple schedules and need to take care with your trigger order. This is an example for new tickets only.

    First create a schedule that assumes your non business hours are Friday 4.30 to Sunday 4.30. Call this schedule 'General Pool Message'. You need a new trigger near the top of your list to assign new tickets this schedule.

    Next another new trigger to evaluate all the conditions:

    • Schedule is ''General Pool Message'
    • Within Business Hours NO

    This trigger can action the general pool message.

    Now, you need another trigger to assign the correct business hours to new tickets. This will replace the 'General Pool Message' schedule.

    So you now have a message sent to the general pool during the specified times and business hours are set correctly.

    There may be an impact on your subsequent triggers. Use tags to stop other triggers firing if needed.

    All in all, it is a little messy. To be honest, I would try to align the general pool message with non business hours if possible. Hope that helps you spark a better solution.



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