Calculating bonus per solved tickets

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  • Stephen Belleau

    Axel This looks straightforward enough but I ran into a weird issue when trying to create it. Explore formulas don't seem to like the $ symbol even when it's within quotes.

    If you create the below as a custom metric:

    D_COUNT(Solved tickets) < 40
    ) THEN "0"
    ELIF (D_COUNT(Solved tickets) >= 40 AND D_COUNT(Solved tickets) < 50)
    THEN "100"
    ELIF (D_COUNT(Solved tickets) >= 50 )
    THEN "200"


    This should work. But if you say THEN "$100" / THEN "$200" it seems to break. Not sure what's going on there. 

    Aside from that, a couple things to keep in mind:

    - you'll probably want to filter on status = closed to ensure a solved ticket that reopens doesn't get re-counted the following month

    - If you're using Ticket Assignee as the row attribute, are you confident that the ticket Assignee is always the agent responsible for solving the ticket? Do agents often work on each others' tickets? 

    - With a reward structure in place, are there any concerns that agents would try to cheat the system? Do you need a separate report or notification to show tickets where assignee was changed AFTER solve? 

  • Axel

    Stephen Belleau thank you for your answer. I will check the suggested custom metric soon and inform you here of any progress. I can live without $ sign. 

    Regarding your questions:

    - you are right, it needs to include closed tickets as well.  

    - agents will work only with their tickets. Reassignment will not be allowed between agents. Re-assignment will be controlled by the admin. 

    I'm planning to use this trigger to prevent agents from reassigning tickets -    




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