Does AnswerBot read the entire email if the email was forwarded to support?

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  • Elissa
    Zendesk Community Team

    Hi Alex B

    This is a great question and use case. It is a bit more difficult for Answer Bot to tease out what portion of a forwarded email is relevant. Generally speaking it will "read" the content of whatever made it to the public comment in the ticket. So first you'll want to make sure none of the forwarded email got cut off when it created the ticket and initial comment.

    Also make sure forwarding is working correctly so the user is being set as the requester, not the AM that is forwarding in the email -- this will help with the issue where the AM is getting Answer Bot's response. (more info on that here: Passing an email to your support address).
    Some tips and tricks: If you're able to update the subject of the email to be more descriptive that will make a big difference. For example instead of being "FWD: Connecting to Support" It could be "FWD: Help tracking an order". Another thing that can help is if the AM puts a bit of a recap/context in the forwarded message. For example "Hey support, my customer is having trouble tracking their order, can you please give them a hand?". This will provide Answer Bot with a focused issue to key into that should help as well!

    Finally, as with any Answer Bot implementation take a look at your content! If you're seeing certain questions get matched with the wrong articles, try updating the articles to include more customer language or exclude phrases that are causing wrong matches.

    I hope something in all these ideas helps you get you Answer Bot workflow fine tuned for more success!



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