Style changes using Copenhagen Theme: can't remove the block border on focus

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  • Kyle B
    Community Moderator

    Can you share your code from the style.css? 

    I played around with a default theme and was able to remove the "border: 1px solid $brand_color;" from the ".blocks-item" which removed the outline for me. 

    You might want to look at the

    .blocks-item:hover, .blocks-item:focus, .blocks-item:active {
    background-color: $brand_color;

    section as well. I'm just taking shots in the dark though. I can play around more if I could see your code.

  • laura gugliermetti

    Thank you! here's the page. I'm using the modification to be able to use category images.


    Please, let me know if you find anything!  Thanks for your help :)



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